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World Food Problem

Food is any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue. People need food all the time, but now we face there are no enough food in the earth. Before we knew hunger and malnutrition are grave problems in the world, but now it is time to say wrong. “World population continues to increase relentlessly, by over 100 million people a year” (The world food problem, 1994). So that means we needs more food for everyone each year, that’s why new map from satellites show us there are more than one third of the world's land is being used to grow crops or graze cattle now we use about 40% land of our earth for farmers to get food, in 1700’s, we just cost 7%. Problem change us believe needs find a way to make more food can let it become grave problems. So people find use high technology like clone to get more food and use aquaculture to the rescue and use greenhouse to try to fix, and these way have a lot of good effect. People use this way can have more food with less time and we can plant all the season and use make aquaculture’s scope bigger and bigger and use soil less technology to keep save land and make health food.
Now world population is 6 billion, and population will still growing, we needs more land for people to living and for farmers get food for large population. People know it is very clearly we have no enough space for both of them and no time, there are millions of people in Africa needs food to help them. Human is smart animal in the world, we can find a lot of way to fix this problem. World’s high technology is developing very faster, we find a lot of way like use clone to get more and good food but cost less then use traditional way. We use it to have Dolly show people we can do it. Use pesticide to kill pest to own good gain like DDT. People know we only can plant in the spring, so people think needs change it for every season, now we use greenhouse for plant. People want to eat health food, but fish can give us more protein and make more health, and get food from fish is another way to fix food problem. We need more land to living, so human find use soilless to get food and save land.
The first one is use high-technology to help us. People can use clone to get more food. People find some of elite cows can let us get more food or chicken can have more eggs than others, so they let these elite can have more babies, then people get more food, so use traditional way to save elite animals. But it will wait long time to get it. Now people use clone to keep elite animals it is faster than traditional way. In 1996, Dolly the sheep come to earth and gives human a surprise. Now some of clone food already in our dishes ready to let people eat. People use just 3 year to fix this problem. This will change our world history, we do not need wait long time to get elite cow and, clone will save more time to let people get it. According to Linda Bren’s article” it show clone can give superior genetics. It can select and propagate the best animal; we can get more good food and can give more milk and sheep that produce high-quality wool.” We can see clone can give us a lot of good thing, for food, people can not wait for long time; we needs get more food as soon as we can.
Now, in a lot of countries, they use another way to get food. This way is greenhouse. When you go to country-side, before you can see more land, but now you just can see some white houses. Before people only know spring we needs go to work, so In China, Chinese New Year means the spring is coming, farmers needs go to work. So people find use greenhouse can change it, we can plating every season if we want. Greenhouse can give you good temperature if people want. In the USA, people love salad everyday, but what about winter; they can not find a lot of fresh food for salad, where they can find fresh vegetable. Now greenhouse is very useful, it can let people change season, we can plant every time if we want. So no season we can get more food for human, and then it can let world’s food more and more. “In cold weather, the warm air heavy with the scent of compost, a greenhouse becomes a sanctuary where time slows and simple tasks” (Greenhouse effect, 2007). So this is one of technology give people’s gift.
The third is aquaculture. Fish, a lot of people like it, but in some people idea, they think fish is important like beef and pork or something, but they do not know fish have more protein than other food. A lot of counties close to ocean people eat more fish. And a lot of people are very poor in developing countries, a dries a few fish will be good and can get more money. “The farmers, most of them poor women and landless farmers, typically raise as few as 200 fish, feeding the carp and tilapia farm waste such as rice and wheat bran.” (Fish-farming pioneer wins ‘Nobel of food’, 2005). Some of people have no money to buy food, but raise fish will cost less and get more back, fish food just comes from farm waste. People can have enough food and money, it is one of good way to fix the world food problem, and we need keep it and make it stronger.
The last good way to fix it, we call hydroponics or soilless agriculture. In the world, a lot of land faces the presence of organisms causing diseases, irregular soil reaction, unfavorable soil composition, poor drainage and degradation due to erosion can cause serious problems for plant growth. Moreover, continuous cultivation of crops can result in poor soil fertility, after this means we have no enough food. In the article , “people find it can prevents soil borne diseases or nematode damage and water waste is reduced to a minimum while providing the possibility of adjusting air and root temperature, light, water, plant nutrition and climate. (Soil-less Agriculture Helps Save Planet, 2008)”. So this can save our world soil and space for getting food so this is good news for human.
People try to get more food, and kill the bug in the land, so they use a lot of pesticide and manure. However these are good at the right now, and we can get more food for short time. After 5 years because of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, we cannot use land and water, because of pollution. In widespread is the problem, (n.d.) “Pesticides are a cause of pollution, affecting land and water in particular. The problem is huger and food. We can think we get more food right now, what about our future, we cannot just think now and forget or think future later. If we loss it, we will lose our life, we still needs land to plant food. And use soilless to plant, not every farmer is rich than can get a lot of money to do it. We not only can get dream, we needs think true, true for farmer and for us.
Finally, if we just use traditional way to try to get enough food, it will never happen. Now high-technology can do a lot of things, we just use it to help us, and people can not stop in old mind and never goes up, it will let people lose a lot of things and more people face hungry. People need food, but some of high technology can get more and more. This is why we can not sit there seeing a lot of people hungry and die. We needs help them and help ourselves. At the end of, we can use clone food, greenhouse and fishing and soilless agriculture to get more food. These are good way to help us.
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How do you feel clone

In Newsweek (2008) article “Would You like Fries with Your Clone?” the author Guter, F, want to make sure the clone is good or bad, and the different counties have different idea. According to the article in different countries they have different ideas and he explains what clone food is and how get it. In the Europe, they believe this is not good for people, because they “harbor a deep revulsion toward any funny business with their food”. Second this is not very safe for people to eat. But in the USA, people do not care this thing; they just eat the food and clone the animals and believe it is ok for people and they find this will be cheaper to keep elite cow. People still argue about is clone food is health for people, the European scientists still can not found something is bad form clone food, but it doesn’t mean will be safe in the future.
In this article, the author told us a lot of good and bad things about cloned food, but people still feel confused. They have no idea if clone food is healthy or not. Some of customers they have no idea what clone food is, and they do not sure clone food is health or not. In the world have two types of different voices let them can not decided which they needs to buy. Now clone basic way to say is a group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction. We do not sure clone is good or bad , some of traditional mind let people can not sure clone food is good, it change us the deep idea, but we can say it is the 21st century, we cannot keep our traditional idea all the time, we needs update the all the time let us not like a old people just believe the traditional thinking, so the author has some ideas let people believe clone is good because we can get more food for human, we can get more elite animals, save more time and get more good food.
First of all the world population is still growing, but our land for farmers is not enough and we lose more land for people who need place for living, so now we face a problem: more people, less food. In the world, a lot of people have no food or less than they need, the food prices begin to high. For example “Now they are 30 million people are going hungry across Africa from the west, to the horn and the south” (Q&A Africa’s Permanent Food Crisis, 2006), we need to get more food for people to eat. Now human find can use high technology to using clone to get more food. We will not waiting long time to get food, we just needs short time and easy to get food. Because use traditional way we needs long time, some of countries have no time to wait, they needs food for hungry people.
Second, if farmers find an elite cow, they will try to save it and let it have more babies. It can get more good things. Like farmers can keep elite cow to get more good milk. But if farmers use traditional way to save it will use a long time and not 100% to get elite. So we can use clone to save more time to get elite animals. Save time to do more things. This is the reason we needs keep high technology to help people do more.
The last reason is people want to their food taste great, in the USA, people like make beef to stake, but they want to stake is very fresh taste will be good, but that is difficult to get it. But we get the stake from restaurant maybe1% from a cow, which means we needs more cow that we can get enough stakes. These are very difficult for us and we have no enough food, only clone can help us. People use clone to get more elite cows, we can get more good meat.
In conclusion, using clone food has a lot of good things for human. It can help people get more food and nobody will worried about have no enough food for eat. We can let our agriculture developing very fast, cost less to keep our elite cow for farmer and save more money for next year and for customer get more milk. Next is can get more great food for human and let it taste great for human. In some of countries like in Europe, traditional idea let people stop or slow to develop. But they have no idea about some counties in Africa counties, people hope can have more food to eat and no hungry in our world, this is why we do not only think ourselves or our county citizens, we needs think hole world people can eat.
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Population problen in our world

The world is developing fast and population is developing fast too, now we have 60 6 billion people in the world. This news to be good for us, because we can have more friends and we can do a lot of things which need more people faster and better. Unfortunately, this is a bad news for human. When we have more population than means we will have more problems. The basic reason is we have no enough space and resources for humanity. People should control population growing now, because the world’s is resource is less and less, it will be easy have war and we needs good family life for everybody.
People face some of problems, one is the resource is less then before. And we needs save our resources and some of if can recycle we needs do it. There are two kinds of resources in the world, one is non renewable and the other one is renewable. However, we have too much population then we use a lot of resources, so now we needs control population then have lower population to use resources. We needs save more resources for our future. In the world, like the gas is non renewable, we needs save the gas for our future. In all of countries, we have a lot of people own cars , airplane and ships, so we use a lot of gas and now we needs pay more money to buy gas for our machines to move. And about renewable resources, we still waste too much. In the holiday, a lot of people needs send gift cards for other people, that paper are very good, so one holiday, the hole world will cut a lot of trees were turned into gift cards. So we save paper as same as we save tree, because tree can clean our air, make people health. So resources less than before is a warning for human, we needs pay attention at population and we need save our resources for future and our children, this is why we needs control population put in place.
Second, our world is very big, but most of places are water or ice and people can live in there, so we have a little space for human living. The population is still growing, and we people have less space for living. We needs control population growing, and save give people more space. In every big city, you have a big house that means you are rich, because house is too expensive, why? The reason is easy; we have too much people and less space. Some of countries their relationship is not good, because of land. They want to more land for their citizens and every country want to do this, so this will let our world have more war, this is why we needs control our population and save ourselves.
Third, like Europe, there are a lot of countries the population is zero. How population is growing so faster, because of developing countries. A lot of developing countries’ people they do not care how many people born in each family. A lot of people in developing countries are farmers and have no enough good education so they believe have more babies, future can have more people to work, but at the end of they needs more money to buy food and supplies. In China, before, the government said you can have many babies if you want, so in China now have a lot of people. Now government try to control the population, an d have a lot of plan for future, some of countries still have no any plan, like India, they still can let family have many babies, and a lot of people are very poor. So we needs control population and let people have more good family live.
Have more population in the family is good for family developing and be rich is very good idea and the more population can help country developing is good way. However these are not true. We can have more population can work for country rich and developing fast, if control population growing, we can have less people and have economy still in a small group. The more people in the world can have more fun, but space is not developing, we have same space and population is still growing, then we will fight with each other because of the land. The resource is less and less, more population use more resources, buy a lot of cars can show this country have more power and rich, it is not true. We use more resources and future we have nothing can use. So we needs control the population growing.
In conclusion, most people think if we have more babies, we can have good life and future, and it is good for developing and save time to do a lot of thins. In fact, a lot of people in developing countries or poor people think this is food and they still follow this way. In fact this is a wrong way to own the good life, because it just let you have dream in the future, and it will never became true. It will let our world have more problems such as resources less and less than before, the pollution and have no enough space. So now er have a lot of work to do, not only for country, but also for our home. We only have this space, and we can do something like recycle and plant the trees and help animals. We needs give us and our cildren a good place to live, do not at the future go to the museum, and use fossils to tell your children this is what kind of animals.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't lose your job.


Isidore, C. (October 4, 2007). Job: Brace for more weakness. Retrieved on October, 2007, from

In the article "Jobs: Brace for more weakness," by C. Isidore, the author tells us the reason that a lot of people lost their jobs and the first interst rate was cut. This problem lets the country's people lose their job, and the unemployment rate is expected to climb to 4.7% from 4.6%. So this data tells us more and more and people are losing their money. This reason lets customers have no money to go shopping or have holiday. So the author wants the government to use more ways to help them and fix problem.


Job is an important way people receive money. they go to work and get money to support their family. So job is very important for everyone and is nearly like their life. The USA is a developed country in the world; the economy is the best in the world. But because of 9/11, the country has a rate of unemployment, and a lot of people have become laid-off workers and do not have enough money to support their family.
The newspaper said, that a lot of people had lost their jobs because of this. So in a lot of states in the USA, people try to find job, and the rate of employment is very high. So now the government is using a lot of way to save this, but I think this will be very difficult. China is a faster developing country in the world, but in 1998, China had the same problem. A lot of people lost their jobs in the Northeast of China; at that time government used a lot of ways to try to save it, but it was not good, a lot of people still loset their jobs. For nearly two years the government was been fixing this problem.
Now if more people lose their job, they not only will have not enough money, but also some professions will have some problem. If more people lose their job, they will cancel their travel and shopping will slow down, so this will make others face some problem. So I think now the government needs to do a lot; maybe it can use more tax to help people who lose their job, and they can pay less tax, to make the problem smaller. And government needs to help some companies. If a company is not good, that means some people will begin to lose jobs. So here is the source. This is very important; if government fixes this, the problem will begin.

The bankruptcy 'tweak' could save 600000 homes


Sahadi, J. (2007, October 2). The Bankruptcy ‘Tweak’ could save 600000 homes, Retrieved from:


In the article “Bankruptcy ‘Tweak’ could save 600000 homes” by J. SAhadi, the author said the lawyer cannot pay less than before and the person’s house but they can reduce the principal to much the home’s current market value as well as reduce the loans interest rate. But if change pros and cons will happen, some people will think this is good news for people, but it can fix some people’s problem and other ways this will let them not think this will be the less of two evils, because the homeowners would be able to keep their home. So at the end of if they know this can be adjusted without consent of the lender, it will change their perceived risk and change their valuation. So this maybe can change some of the rules in the loan.


If you want to buy a house or a car or something that requires you to spend a lot of money. A lot of people will go to bank and getting a loan will be ok!” Yes, this is right, of the bank lend you money, this is good for world developing; maybe you can win in your business. But another way is if you have some problem that make you lose what you have to do, what about that money from the bank? This is a problem, and nobody can know in the future what will happen. So before you invest, you need to make sure the investment environment is good, and you need a good market research and market analysis. Because this is very important, this is a preparatory stage. This is one of the ways to let you avoid losing your loan in business, then filing bankruptcy. The other way is sometimes investors need calm; they don’t want just some people to get high interest in some trades, and let you lose your mind and follow; maybe this is just a short time when you can receive money before the market falls. There is an example; oranges have high vitamins, so some of the data is very famous in the market; a lot of orchard works change their mind, and most of them plant orange trees. So that year, there are a lot of oranges in the market, but there is a problem which is drugs on the market. Finally, some orchard workers have bankruptcy. This is a good example to tell the investors you need to be careful, don’t waste your money or time, and maybe your family, in the market without market research.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First-born kids become CEO material


Jones, D. (2007, September 4th). First-born kids become CEO material. Retrieved on September 21, 2007 from:

In the article, “First-born kids become CEO material” by D. Jones, the author uses a lot of examples to tell us that more CEOs are the oldest children in the family. She believes the oldest children on average had a slightly higher IQ than their siblings, because of undivided attention from their parents. When you are born, your nutrition comes from your mother, so you can get more and better, and then you can have more good genes from your parents, so there are the reasons the author believes the oldest children are smart. But other brothers and sisters’ help is very important too, so this means you succeed not only because you are first-born, also you need parents and other sisters and brothers help. The important thing is you need to work hard, then you can win.


Now a lot of data side the first-born child is smart than later and they can become the CEO, but a lot of CEOs are the oldest child in the family, the reason is they can get more nutrition that comes from their mother and good genes from their parents. But I think the important reason is you work hard. I believe what Thomas Alva Edison said: Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. It’s not that you just only sit there, and you can became the CEO; I think good genes from your parents is not very important, we can not say that’s wrong, but this doesn’t matter, we just care if he works hard at his job and classes. Thomas Alva Edison worked harder and harder and tried to use a lot of different ways to help him to develop the light; finally he successfully invented the incandescent light bulb. Some people say I work harder and harder every day, a lot of things but why can’t I succeed. You expend a lot of energy and work very hard, you do not succeed, but did you find yourself better than before? A lot of people succeed not just by working hard and wining in his enterprise, but because he works hard all his life and then he receives what he wants. Working hard is good for you; some people think they are very smart and parents are very rich, so they stay at home and play games or not study hard; at the end they receive nothing, because the god is impartial, not only you smart you can win anything. Perspiration is the key to success. So don’t waste your time, please remember money doesn’t grow on trees.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Consolidate student loans only if it's right for you


Blocks, S. (2007, Sep. 17). Consolidate student loans only if it’s right. USA Today. Retrieved on Sept. 19, 2007, from

In the article ” Consolidate student loans only if it’s right for you”, by USA Today, now a lot of students go to a university to study; this is a good news for everyone, but they will face a serious problem. They provide a loan to go to university, but if they can not pay the student loan they need to pay higher interest rates and fees for their loans, this means you need more money to pay. So more and more students choose to get a job and study together. The author hopes the government can get more money to help low-income students and this should lower your monthly payments. And sometimes students need to look for an immediate reduction to help finish their education and pay their loans.


Everyone knows education is very important in the world. Now, more and more people go to the university; this is great news for the society. But now tuition fee is very expensive. So a lot of students choose to use student loans and pay later, this is a good way to pay your tuition fee, but after you leave school you need to repay the capital, so now you need to pay more money. This is a serious problem, so a lot of students choose to study and work together; after class they go to get a job to pay money. This sounds good, but another question is a lot of students spend too much time to get a job and then they are too tired to go to class, or some students just miss the whole day of class. We know that paying money by yourself is good, and getting a job to pay is great too, but if just these reasons make you miss class, it is the wrong choose; this will make you run counter to your desire. You spend a lot of money and feel tired every day, but at the end, you get nothing, just tiredness and debt. So I think studying is the first important thing, and then at this base if you have free time, go to get a job, but the job can’t affect your study. And a lot of countries’ governments use a lot of ways to help students to pay tuition fee, so we hope they can find more ways to help students.